The Russia-Ukraine war, it’s been going on for months. In order to resolve this war, or any war, we have to understand and communicate. If we know what Russians are thinking, and they know what we’re experiencing both physically and emotionally, we would never be in this mess. It’s all a misunderstanding. Our goal is to build a communication software using satellites, that allow international communication, allow better understanding of each other. So that war could end instantly.

Our Product

We are building a communication software (website, app etc.) using satellites to allow international users to communicate effectively. They will have the ability to better understand each other, and essentially close the communication gap between countries. I mean, if all the people of the world understood each other and agreed there wouldn’t be any war, then there wouldn’t be any!


Current Solutions

There are a lot of other platforms that have social/communication apps/websites, and they allow communication of all kinds but they’re all connected to wires to other countries so Russia can easily close the path for communication therefore disallowing communication and understanding between the other countries and Russia. So what’s different about our communication software? It’ll use the satellites instead of wires going to other countries, so no one can intercept the communication between different countries.


We’re not done yet! It’s quite expensive for us to launch the satellites, we need lots of donations to make this a reality. So donate now to make a difference for our world!!